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Online Shopping & Digital Privacy

Tip #1

A Quick NCF Guide to Shopping Online Safely

Nowadays anyone can create a sophisticated looking e-commerce website and some of them may not be what they seem. Use these steps to recognize the signs of a secure website.

Tip #2

App Spotlight: HTTPS Everywhere

One of the #InternetIntelligence approved apps is HTTPS Everywhere! You can find this extension for free in your browser's web add-ons or web store.

When you see https:// at the start of a web address, that means you’re at the S version of a website. The S stands for secure, and this app redirects you to the secure version automatically.

This app recommendation is not sponsored content. We will not receive any compensation for this post.

Tip #3

Tips For Shopping Online Buy-Sell Platforms Safely

Shopping on buy-sell platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji and Etsy can be a great way to get good deals, but make sure you know these #InternetIntelligence warning signs of a potentially suspicious seller.

If you are uncomfortable with a seller, stop communicating with them. If you have given out any personal banking information, contact your credit card provider or bank to let them know.

Tip #4

How to Make Donations Safely Online

If you haven't already tried donating online, use these #InternetIntelligence tips to make sure you're donating safely online!

Tip #5

Online Shopping Case Study No.1: Andrew Martey Asare

#InternetIntelligence is presenting how two NCF staff do their own safe online shopping. Kicking us off is Andrew Martey Asare, our Community Mesh Feasibility Study Coordinator.

Click here to read the full blogpost.

Tip #6

Online Shopping Case Study No.2: Rami Hilan

As part of our Online Shopping Case Studies, Rami from our NCF team has written up a blogpost on his experiences with online shopping called Shopping Online: Charged Up.

Click here to read the full article.

Tip #7

#InternetIntelligence Member Interview: Jackie, Britannia Coffeehouse

For our #InternetIntelligence member interview we spoke with Jackie, the manager of Britannia Coffeehouse, a local business powered by NCF Internet. You can check them out here @Britannia Coffeehouse on Facebook.

We asked her what safety online means to her and why she thinks that NCF is a good fit. Click here to read the whole interview.