Please see below for a list of known network issues and upcoming network maintenance.

Outside of issues posted below, if you are experiencing issues with your NCF internet, it is most likely related to your modem or a problem with the line rather than a network-wide issue.

Please contact the NCF HelpDesk by calling 613-721-1773 ext. 0 or emailing support@ncf.ca.

If you are not able to get through to the HelpDesk during office hours, they are helping another member. Please leave a voicemail or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We prioritize helping members who are out of service and appreciate your patience.

We aim to post about network-wide issues on our voicemail, StartPage, Twitter and Facebook as soon as we become aware of the extent of the problem. Please note we do not monitor social media for HelpDesk issues.

Current posts:

February 25, 2024: UPDATE to planned network outages on Sun. Feb. 25

Carleton restored power to the datacentre this morning, as scheduled. By 9:05am NCF's transition from secondary power back to main power was complete. Thankfully, we were able to maintain uptime and avoid today's scheduled outage.

We don't expect any additional issues but as other work is continuing in the datacentre, we are maintaining a service maintenance window until noon today.

Saturday's planned outage lasted about 12 minutes but some modems struggle to reconnect quickly. We apologize for the interruption.

If your NCF internet connection isn't working, a good first step is always to try power cycling your modem by unplugging it for 10 seconds then plugging it back in and waiting a few minutes for connection to re-establish.

If power cycling doesn't work, please contact the HelpDesk. We have remote HelpDesk support available until 1pm today.

Thanks as always for your patience and ongoing support.

Previous posts:

February 24, 2024: UPDATE to planned network outages on Sat. Feb. 24

As of 8:13am the transition to secondary power during Carleton's data centre outage is complete, the planned outage for this morning is over, and circuits have reconnected as expected. The outage lasted approximately 12 minutes, we're sorry for the interruption and any inconvenience it may have caused.

We are maintaining our service maintenance window until noon today.

If your NCF DSL internet connection isn't working, try power cycle your modem by unplugging it for 10 seconds, plugging it back in and waiting a few minutes for connection to re-establish. If it still doesn't work, please contact the HelpDesk at 613-721-1773 ext. 0 or support@ncf.ca

Please note that the next scheduled outage happens tomorrow, Sun. Feb. 25th before noon when we switch back from secondary power to main power after Carleton's data centre upgrades are complete. We anticipate that it should be similar to the outage this morning.

February 22, 2024: Network outages Sat. Feb. 24 and Sun. Feb. 25

There will be some network outages this Sat. Feb. 24th and Sun. Feb. 25th, affecting NCF's DSL internet services, email, website and webhosting. This is a result of major upgrades at Carleton University's main data centre, where the NCF network is hosted.

The network downtime will occur when we switch from Carleton's main data centre power to a secondary source of power on Saturday morning, and when we switch back on Sunday morning after Carleton's work is completed.

We are working to limit the outages to no more than 30 minutes each morning. However, because network equipment and circuits will be rebooting, we are scheduling maintenance windows from 8am to noon both days. We are planning to switch power sources between 7am-8am on Saturday morning, and before noon on Sunday.

Remote HelpDesk support will be available during the network maintenance windows both days by calling 613-721-1773 ext. 0 or emailing support@ncf.ca.

We apologize that we weren't able to offer more notice and appreciate your patience and ongoing support social media.

February 15, 2024: Network maintenance Feb. 20 and Feb. 22

We are doing network maintenance starting 11:59pm on Tues. Feb. 20th until Wed. Feb. 21st at 6:00am and again starting 11:59pm on Thurs. Feb. 22nd until 6:00am Fri. Feb. 23rd. We do not anticipate any service outages to NCF internet services, website or email as a result of this work. Thanks for your patience and support.

January 9, 2024: Weather-related power issues

We hope everyone is safe given the snow storm. There are currently no reported network outages, though this may change depending on the conditions. If you've lost your power, your modem should reconnect automatically a few minutes after getting your power back. If it doesn't, please try power-cycling your modem by unplugging it and plugging it back in after 10 seconds. If that doesn't help, please contact the HelpDesk at support@ncf.ca or 613-721-1776 ext. 0.

October 23, 2023: potential modem connection issues for some members

At 7:18am a network issue meant that some NCF members' modems weren't re-connecting to the network. This issue was resolved by 11:03am. Please contact the HelpDesk if you are having other ongoing issues.

NOTE: This page is currently manually updated by NCF staff. We are working to automate it for the future. Apologies if it is out of date, we sometimes forget to check it when there are no problems to report. Please let us know by writing support@ncf.ca.