Are you an Ottawa Community Housing tenant? Sign up for the Community Access Fund internet plan

NCF has always been committed to internet access that people in our region can afford and understand how to use, while feeling safe online.


In 1999 that meant Volnet, a program to offer 250 local charities and non-profits free internet and computers. In 2005, it was an award-winning partnership with the City of Ottawa to provide free internet to single parents on social assistance.

Then in late 2016, we formalized that commitment by establishing our Community Access Fund (CAF).

Started by a bequest from a long-time member and sustained with ongoing member donations, we use the fund to support our advocacy work for affordable internet, as well as our public education projects like helping teach people how to apply online for government subsidies or save money using online tools, while still protecting their privacy.

We also partnered with Ottawa Community Housing to offer their tenants a $25/month CAF Internet plan with unlimited use. The plan includes a 6mbps speed DSL connection with unlimited usage, free installation, and no contract.

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We are working to expand the CAF internet program to other low-income groups. And continue to strengthen our advocacy and public education work.

We are proud the CAF internet program was recognized by former CRTC Chair Jean Pierre Blais and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.

"The City of Ottawa recognizes the importance of access to affordable internet for all residents, and I applaud the partnership between Ottawa Community Housing Corporation and National Capital FreeNet,” Watson said.

“This collaboration is essential in providing affordable Internet access and bridging the digital divide for OCH tenants. They will now have easier access to online tools and be able to learn more skills, which in turn will build stronger communities all across Ottawa. Digital literacy is key in creating more opportunities for our residents, both now and for the future.”

To find out more about our advocacy and public education work, email our Executive Director: execdir@ncf.ca

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