How We Work


National Capital FreeNet is a local, not-for-profit internet service provider. Since 1992, we have connected more than 100,000 members.

We believe in digital equity and that everyone in Canada's National Capital Region should have access to the internet, meaning they can afford a high-quality connection, understand how to use it, and feel safe online.

As a member-driven not-for-profit organization and social enterprise, we operate with a commitment to people over profits. We have members, not customers. Our team doesn’t work on commission or have sales targets. And we don’t lock our members into contracts or offer short-term deals that jump in price after a few months.

Instead, we invest in bandwidth and community services, keeping prices as low as we can while staying sustainable. Since 2005, our prices have only changed four times. And two of those times were price drops.

We currently sell internet access from 6/0.8 Mbps speed up to 1024/30 Mbps speed with unlimited usage through wholesale access to the Bell, Rogers and Cogeco networks, as mandated by the CRTC.

We also offer free locally-hosted email, basic web hosting, and skills workshops, supported by member donations and grants.

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by our members during our Annual General Meeting. Check out our current Strategic Plan.


We have an award-winning HelpDesk of staff and volunteers so members can ask questions about a range of internet and computer-related issues.

We have online tools so members can help themselves and each other. And we work to provide service excellence with an emphasis on transparency and helping our members understand the underlying issues.

In 2016 we launched our Community Access Fund, including a low-cost unlimited usage internet package available to 32,000 Ottawa Community Housing tenants.

We have done a lot, and there’s lots more to come. Join us!