Our Team

The NCF team includes volunteers, staff and elected members of the Board of Directors. We're members ourselves, working hard to support other NCF members.

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How We Work

We connect community.

National Capital FreeNet is a local, not-for-profit alternative to commercial internet service providers. Since 1992 we have connected more than 100,000 members.

We believe that everyone in Canada's National Capital Region should have access to the internet, meaning they can afford a high-quality connection, understand how to use it, and feel safe online.

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Starting in 1992, a community came together to connect through the internet, members helping members. We started with baud modems and screechy dial-up connections.

Then in 2005 we moved on to high-speed internet delivered exclusively over copper telephone wire. Now we use fibre.

The technology has changed, but our work hasn't. Find out more about where we came from and how that sets the stage for all still to come.

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Our members elect the Board of Directors, who chart the strategic direction of NCF and oversee management. Daily operations are carried out by our staff and volunteers.

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NCF policies are developed by the Board and outline our commitment and responsibilities to our members and vice versa.

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