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When you become a member of NCF, either by signing up for our internet services or by joining to support our other digital access work, you'll receive an NCF email address based on your Member ID.

This address will take the form of two letters and three numbers, followed by @ncf.ca (for example, ab123@ncf.ca), however you can also personalize your address by giving it a name of your choosing.

NCF email is locally hosted in Ottawa, Ontario, and each email account is provided 3 GB of storage.

Our email service provides a full array of features including spam filtering, calendars, contacts, folders, mailing lists, email aliases, and tagging.

Unlike other email providers:

Two tools that we offer as part of our email service are:

  1. YellowMail - our configurable in-house spam filter keeps questionable email at arms' length until you can review it.
  2. Disposable Email Addresses - create temporary, disposable email addresses for use online to safeguard the privacy of your primary address.

As part of our digital access work, NCF provides email as a community service, supported by our members. The recommended donation is $1 per month or $12 per year.

For more information about our email service, please visit our HelpPages.