Who We Are

NCF is a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to digital access across the National Capital Region.

We are a full-service Internet Service Provider with a difference: we keep our costs as low as possible, while investing in bandwidth and community services.

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“Best support staff ever! Whenever there was a problem, which was rare, the staff and volunteers did not quit or lose patience until it was solved.”

Andrée Boucher

"Thank you very much for all your great work, wonderful customer service and providing affordable internet to so many people!"

Yvonne Falardeau

"I'm one of the originals and continue to be impressed. Great service and your model is so inclusive that you welcome everyone -- in person, if needed."

Bob Jones

"I have been connected with National Capital Freenet for decades. Have much respect for the mandate & services. Longue vie chers Libertel de la capitale nationale!"

Gérard Delisle

Get Involved

Find out more about how to volunteer with our HelpDesk or get involved with our digital literacy and advocacy work.

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