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#InternetIntelligence Wrap-Up

#InternetIntelligence is coming to a close! Thanks to all the NCF members and others who have been following along on this journey. Just before leaving, we’ve provided a list of some key takeaways.

What #InternetIntelligence Has Taught Us: Rami Hilan & Katie Llorens

With the #InternetIntelligence campaign coming to a close, we have two special blogposts written by the co-creators behind the campaign. The first blogpost is about what NCF's Web Strategist Rami Hilan has learned from the campaign and how his own internet safety and digital privacy habits have changed. Then, Part 2 of the blogpost is NCF's Web Strategist Katie Llorens who explains what she has learned from the campaign and her new digital privacy and internet safety habits.

Click here to read Rami's blogpost.

Click here to read Katie's blogpost.

A Message From #InternetIntelligence

We hope the #InternetIntelligence campaign is helping you gather new insights on digital privacy and online security. Please take what you need and leave what you don't.

All of our tips, app recommendations and suggestions are meant to start a conversation. Our goal is to help folks better understand how to use the internet and feel safer online.