septembre 29, 2023 |

Le Libertel fête ses 31 ans en réfléchissant et en planifiant l'avenir

Un anniversaire, ça se fête! Le Libertel de la capitale nationale soulignait tout récemment le 31e anniversaire de sa fondation, le 29 septembre 1992.

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octobre 12, 2022 |

Still fighting for change after 30 years

We’re so proud NCF recently celebrated our 30th anniversary as a not-for-profit community internet provider. We’ve learned a lot since 1992, keeping pace with changing technology while keeping our focus on offering affordable, high-quality internet, helping our members understand how to use it and feel safe online.

But frankly, despite all our past successes, we’re worried about our future as an alternative to big commercial internet providers. Government policies have favoured big telecom companies, enabling them to buy up competitors, drive up the cost of home internet, and limiting our ability to expand programs for low-income communities.

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juin 1, 2021 |

CRTC internet rates come at high cost for those on low incomes

The recent CRTC reversal on wholesale internet rates will disproportionately affect those living on low incomes. We’re working to change that. Founded in 1992 to make the internet accessible to everyone in the region, NCF has connected thousands of people across the Capital.

“Higher prices are hard on everyone. We know from past studies and first-hand experience that some of those living on low incomes will need to make trade-offs with their food budgets and other necessities just to stay connected,” said NCF Executive Director Shelley Robinson.

CRTC data shows that average internet prices went up from $41.50 to $61.76 between 2013 and 2019, which doesn’t include price increases in 2020 related to increased home internet use during the pandemic.

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