The following is a summary of the steps to register for an NCF account. When you are ready, click on the Register button at the right to start the registration process.

  1. Read and Accept the Membership Agreement
    The membership agreement forms a contract between you and the NCF. Note: those under 18 years old will require the signature of a parent or guardian.
  2. Fill in the Online Registration Form
    All registration information, except your name and Account ID, will be kept confidential.
  3. Provide Identification
    We believe that using real names encourages a safe and respectful online environment. Therefore we need formal identification to activate your account. Identification can be one of the following:
    • Photo ID (copy of driver's license, provincial identity card, post-secondary student card, or passport), or
    • Cheque pre-printed with your name, or
    • Credit card in your name
  4. Start using your Account
    Your NCF account can be ready within one business day after we receive your identification.

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Question de sécurité

Choisissez une question pour laquelle la réponse sera mémorable pour vous, mais difficile à deviner pour les autres. Vous pouvez choisir l'une de ces questions en cliquant dessus ou en écrivant la vôtre.

  • Quel était le nom de votre première école?
  • Quel est le nom de votre animal de compagnie?
  • Quelle était la marque de votre première voiture ou vélo?
  • Quel est ton passe-temps préféré?

Mot de passe

Choisissez un mot de passe pour vous connecter à votre compte pour gérer vos services et accéder à votre messagerie. Vous pouvez également cliquer sur l'un de ces mots de passe aléatoires pour le choisir.

  • GmeN7kJEpq
  • EmP3We3TjJ
  • PJvSDkJ8et
  • YLRSmcQbtn


Accord d'adhésion

In consideration for the use of the National Capital FreeNet Computer System (the "System"), and the efforts of National Capital FreeNet Inc. ("NCF") and its Board of Directors (the "Board") to develop and maintain the System, I understand and agree to the following:

Use of NCF is a privilege which may be revoked at the discretion of the board.
That the use of the System is a privilege which may be revoked by the Board of Directors of the System at any time for abusive conduct or fraudulent use. Such conduct would include, but not be limited to, the placing of unlawful information on the system, the use of obscene, abusive or otherwise objectionable language in either public or private messages, or violation of this Agreement. The Board of the National Capital FreeNet will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes obscene, abusive, or objectionable language.

NCF may access, view, edit or remove anything which it feels is unlawful or objectionable.
That the National Capital FreeNet reserves the right to review any material stored in files or programs to which other Members have access and will edit or remove any material which the Board, in its sole discretion, believes may be unlawful, obscene, abusive, or otherwise objectionable.

All items on NCF are for private use only.
That all information services and features contained on the National Capital FreeNet are intended for the private use of its patrons, and any commercial or unauthorized use or publication of those materials, in any form, is expressly forbidden.

All Items on NCF are general and do NOT refer to specific person, case or situation.
That all information contained on the National Capital FreeNet is placed there for general informational and entertainment purposes and is, in no way, intended to refer or be applicable to any specific person, case, or situation.

NCF is NOT liable for loses incurred by your use or non-use of NCF.
That the National Capital FreeNet and its Board does NOT warrant that the functions of this system will meet any specific requirements I may have; nor that it will be error free or uninterrupted; nor shall it be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including lost data, information or profits) sustained or incurred in connection with the use of, operation of, or inability to use the system.

You agree to be bound by rules and regulations set down by NCF.
To abide by such rules and regulations of system usage as may be set down from time to time by the Board of the National Capital FreeNet.

You release the NCF, Board, operators, and affiliates for any claims related to the use or non-use of NCF.
In consideration for the privilege of using the National Capital FreeNet and in consideration for having access to the information contained on it, I hereby release the National Capital FreeNet, its Board of Directors and operators, and any institutions with which they are affiliated, for any and all claims of any nature arising from my use, or inability to use, the National Capital FreeNet.

You agree to be responsible for your own actions and to compensate anyone harmed by your abusive use of the system.
To indemnify the NCF and its Board for any loss suffered to them by reason of my improper use of the System, and to compensate anyone harmed by my abusive use of the system.

Information provided on NCF is offered as a community service and NOT as individual professional consultation.
That the information provided on the System is offered as a community service and is not a substitute for individual professional consultation. Adequate professional guidance for making important personal decisions cannot be provided through an electronic format of this type. Advice on individual problems should be obtained personally from a professional. I agree: (1) that I understand this Agreement; (2) that by using the System, I am not seeking to establish a doctor/patient, lawyer/client, or similar relationship with any of the Information Providers or other Members; and (3) that the Information Providers and NCF can rely on my promises in this paragraph (and elsewhere on this form) as an inducement to provide information on the System.

You will not allow others to use your Member ID nor attempt to obtain or use more than one Member ID.
That I will not allow another person to use my Member ID and Password; nor will I attempt to obtain or use more than one Member ID, except as authorized in special circumstances by the National Capital FreeNet.

All registered Members of NCF must provide accurate and real information on their application.
All registered Members of the National Capital FreeNet must provide accurate information on their application forms. Pseudonyms, nicknames, 'handles' or false names are not allowed -- use your real name. Failure to provide accurate information may result in denial of system access. Willful misrepresentation or deliberate attempts to conceal or forge information may result in legal action against you.

NCF prohibits all advertising, except for non-commercial advertisements posted in appropriate news groups.
The National Capital FreeNet prohibits all unsolicited advertising, both direct and 'broadcast', except in the case of non-commercial advertisements posted only in the news groups reserved for such purposes.

Conditions d'utilisation

NCF is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to facilitate communications for all residents in the National Capital Region. NCF has adopted a social enterprise approach by focusing its activities on the community. NCF offers Broadband Service to the Internet as a means of raising funds to support its activities. Ultimately, NCF is about a group of people coming together to share costs and to help each other out.

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