The future of the Internet, technology and digital equity

National Capital FreeNet was founded on September 29, 1992.

For our 20th anniversary, we put together an oral history.

For our 25th anniversary, we produced a history book of newspaper clippings, pictures, member memories and more.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we want to build on all that we’ve done in the past and imagine what the next 30 years might bring. And we want your help!

We’re building a virtual time capsule to capture and share predictions about the future of the internet, technology and digital equity over the next 30 years.

Check out our promo video and examples of what your prediction might look like, done by Samaia Aidroos, our Summer Marketing Support who is coordinating the digital time capsule, and Dylan Ferris, our System Developer who designed the digital time capsule web pages.

Submit your video or written predictions

On NCF’s 30th anniversary on September 29 2022, all videos will be available for viewing on the website for exactly one month. The videos will then be locked and revealed for one month every year until the year they predict goes from being the future to the present.

With your help, let’s predict what’s going to happen in the future while working together to make it better.