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how we do it

Operating costs for NCF's dial-up modems, email services, discussion groups, and personal web pages are covered by donations from members. Each year, NCF provides guidance on what a member needs to donate to keep NCF running. Everyone is asked to contribute, either financially or by volunteering. The donation guidance depends on what a member uses. This year, the guidance is as follows:

  • For members who use NCF's dial-up modems, we recommend a donation of $5/month (at least $3/month).
  • For members who use NCF's email or web page hosting, but do not use NCF's modems, we recommend a donation of $1/month (at least $1/month).
  • For members who use only NCF's StartPage, CBC news, and discussion groups (no modems, email, or web pages hosting), we recommend no donation but of course would be pleased to have your support.
  • In addition, all members are encouraged to donate a little bit extra to help others less fortunate, and to help NCF improve services. Assistance programs are available for members unable to contribute by donating or volunteering (click here for information).

(Members subscribing to NCF's high-speed DSL service pay monthly at not-for-profit rates for the DSL, and are encouraged to use and support NCF's other services with their donations.)

get started

To get started, you need to register with NCF. You'll get an NCF account ID that enables use of NCF's services and modems.

When you use your NCF account for the first time, you'll see a welcome web page with information about your account, an introduction to NCF's services, and set-up tips.

Our purpose at NCF is to help you get connected and enjoy the benefits of the internet. We hope your participation will help make the national capital region a better place to live.

For more information and then, if you like, to get started with registration, just click on a button below.

additional information

For answers to 'frequently asked questions', have a look at our FAQ page.


We're donation based.
Anyone in the region can become a member and use our services, but we do depend on donations to keep us going.

We're volunteer driven.
Many individuals help in the office, as board members, with problems online, by writing software and manuals, fund raising, organizing, social events, computer swaps, work with school children and seniors.

We're sponsor supported.
Community-minded organizations provide additional help and support because they want to share in making our region better.

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