Community Access Fund

As part of its mandate to promote affordable online access, National Capital FreeNet is now offering a $25/month Internet plan with unlimited use for all Ottawa Community Housing tenants.

The Community Access Fund plan for Ottawa Community Housing tenants includes a 6mbps speed DSL connection with unlimited usage, free line installation, and no contract. It is possible in part because of a recent gift from the estate of one of NCF's first members, plus ongoing donations from many of their other members.

"NCF has always worked to ensure everyone in the region can get online," said NCF Executive Director Shelley Robinson. "For us, that means we offer affordable rates and want to help people understand how to use the Internet. This is building on that work."

She added that NCF is offering unlimited usage as part of the Community Access Fund plan because too often, low-income users are stuck with low bandwidth packages and high charges for additional bandwidth that restricts what they can do online.

Mayor Jim Watson said "The City of Ottawa recognizes the importance of access to affordable internet for all residents, and I applaud the partnership between Ottawa Community Housing Corporation and National Capital FreeNet.

This collaboration is essential in providing affordable Internet access and bridging the digital divide for OCH tenants. They will now have easier access to online tools and be able to learn more skills, which in turn will build stronger communities all across Ottawa. Digital literacy is key in creating more opportunities for our residents, both now and for the future.”

For more information about the program, to sign-up, or to donate please email caf@ncf.ca.

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Wise Net

In 2016 and 2017, thanks to funding from the New Horizons for Seniors Program from Economic and Social Development Canada, we ran "WiseNet" a hands-on 16-workshop series targeting those 55 years and older. Thanks to Pinecrest-Queensway Employment Services Centre for use of their space.

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LISH - Low Income Services Handbook

The LISH: Low Income Services Handbook

Welcome to our project page for the LISH! The LISH — Low Income Services Handbook — is a handbook we here at NCF have put together in conjunction with ACORN Ottawa which is primarily focused on increasing awareness of local rebates and incentive programs. Currently, volume 1 of the LISH is available online here, and it concentrates on the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) and the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) as two excellent resources for low income households.

The LISH is one of our many projects which aims to put our vision into action. In improving our community’s access to financial resources through the Internet, we believe we can better help our members understand the Internet as a force for good. Affording high quality connectivity, understanding how to use the Internet, and feeling safe online are at the core of our vision. These three ambitions are all achieved much more easily when those of us with lower incomes are given opportunities to lift some financial burdens. In helping connect you, our members with services which can directly put money in your pockets, we believe the LISH has great potential to help.

Volume 1 of the handbook goes into great depth in addressing the OESP and CLB. Just a quick skim of the contents is enough to show you that it covers subjects such as eligibility, application processes, FAQs, common misconceptions, and several others for each of the two programs. Brightly coloured, filled with tables, illustrations, and checklists, and featuring a glossary at the end for key terms, the LISH is a project with a dedication to clarity, simplicity, and fun!

Because what’s more fun than saving money?

We’re excited for you to join us on this mission of digital comfort and literacy — you’ll be glad you came.

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