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Laura Novitsky

1. Why does NCF's work matter? 

Whether we like it or not, we are living in a digital age where nearly every aspect of our lives is online. The internet is no longer a breakthrough service offering to which only techy risk-takers and early product adopters are interested; it is the life blood of the mainstream market that is so ingrained in our day-to-day functions such that living without it is simply prohibitive.

As much as digital tools and technologies have made impressive advancements over the years contributing to more convenient, efficient ways of life, what good are these benefits if they are not equitably available throughout society? If not accessible to all, then the world wide web is simply not living up to its own name, nor its initial value proposition.  This is where NCF takes a stance and why the work of its dedicated staff and volunteers is so important.

As Canadians, the cost we pay for phone data and/or home internet is exorbitant when compared to our neighbours to the south, not to mention other developed countries. Personally, as a consumer, this unruly and unjustified cost differentiation has always been a pain point for me and an expense that I have resented. The NCF works to ensure that cost is not an impediment to internet service access; no one should ever have to contemplate forgoing their right to remain informed and connected.

2. How do you plan to use your skills to further NCF in its mission?

If selected as your new Board Member, I will use the digital knowledge and skills acquired through my career working in health care IT to support NCF in the development and execution of its revised strategy. Further to that, I will tap into my business operations acumen acquired through my time working in various engineering sectors to support NCF in maintaining its streamlined services thereby keeping costs low. Lastly, if selected, I look forward to bringing my creative and problem-solving side to the Board room. I am currently completing my Executive MBA at the University of Ottawa where my passion for leadership, innovation, and business strategy have truly been ignited!

My objective is to bring this vigor, enthusiasm, and growing entrepreneurial knowledge base to NCF so as to contribute in a meaningful way to their vision, mission, and continued positive impacts in the National Capital Region.