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The last time we ran a funding drive was in 2011, raising more than $25,000 for new servers and other equipment for our email services. It made a huge difference then. And we could use your help again now.

NCF believes that everyone in our region should have access to affordable and high quality internet and related technologies, understand how to use them and feel safe online. And we’re proud that our locally-hosted ad-free email service has been part of this work since we launched our services in February 1993.

Twenty-five years later, we launched our Community Access Fund, which helps those living on low incomes access the internet and learn how to use it safely. In that time we have offered almost 300 Ottawa Community Housing tenants a lower-cost unlimited use internet package, as well as offering all our members dedicated workshops and special events like Digital Access Day.

We want to expand the Community Access Fund with more digital literacy training and opening up the lower-cost internet package to other folks living on low incomes.

Please donate today to help support this work.

As NCF is a federally incorporated not-for-profit, rather than a charity, we cannot offer a tax receipt for your donation.