About the Time Capsule

Digital Time Capsule: 30 years of Predictions

What does the future of technology look like? To find out, we asked 30 digital equity advocates from across Canada to make educated predictions about universal internet access and internet affordability, digital skills adoption and other elements of digital equity.

Recorded in 2022 to mark the 30th year of NCF's founding on September 29, 1992, these videos form a digital time capsule. The predictions were public the first year after they were posted and are now locked until the year they predict, in five-year increments from 2027-2052.

Here's a compilation video to whet your appetite:

We also have (un-locked) digital equity perspective videos on the state of the internet, technology and digital equity in 2022. Check them out here: www.ncf.ca/digitalequityperspectives

These videos reflection the time they were recorded — during the lockdowns of COVID-19 video calls like these became a common way to work, attend school, and stay in touch with friends and family. The video and sound quality reflect the strength of the available internet connections during the interview and how it was recorded, as well as the contributors' job titles and opinions at the time of recording.

Thank you to all those who contributed their perspectives and predictions: we won't hold it against you if you're wrong (or if you're right!)

Thanks to Samaia Aidroos, funded by the Canada Summer Jobs program, and Andrew Martey Asare for interviewing these folks from a range of sectors and disciplines. And thanks to Hot Shoe Productions, a local social enterprise, for editing all the videos.

For NCF, digital equity includes the understanding that the digital divide disproportionately affects those already facing other systemic barriers, including people living on low incomes, people with disabilities, seniors, Black people, Indigenous people and people of colour, and those living in under-served rural and remote communities.

Systemic barriers require systemic solutions. We are proud of NCF's work since 1992 and look forward to another 30 years, helping build a future that ensures digital equity, where everyone has access to affordable, high-quality internet, they have the skills to use, while feeling safe online.

Predictions for 2027

Predictions for 2032

Predictions for 2037

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Predictions for 2052