National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la capitale nationale Account Registration

The following is a summary of the steps to register for an NCF account. When you are ready, click on the Register button at the right to start the registration process.

Please note: If you have already registered, you can check the status of your account. If you have forgotten your NCF account ID or your password, please contact the NCF office at 721-1773 for assistance.

1. Read and Accept the Membership Agreement

The membership agreement forms a contract between you and the NCF.  Note: those under 18 years old will require the signature of a parent or guardian.

2. Fill in the Online Registration Form

All registration information, except your name and Account ID, will be kept confidential.

3. Provide Identification

We believe that using real names encourages a safe and respectful online environment.  Therefore we need formal identification to activate your account.  Identification can be one of the following:

  • Photo ID  (copy of driver's license, post-secondary student card, or passport), or
  • Cheque pre-printed with your name, or 
  • Credit card in your name, or
  • Copy of Health Card or SIN Card (with the number blacked out).

Start using your Account

Your NCF account can be ready within one business day after we receive your identification.