National Capital FreeNet (NCF) board members are elected to three-year terms. Thus, each year approximately one-third of the board seats become vacant and are filled by election at the Annual General Meeting. NCF's Nomination Committee (made up of elected board members) encourages interested and qualified people to be candidates for the board of directors. Any NCF member can be nominated as a candidate for the board of directors. If there are more candidates than available positions, the Committee talks with candidates on behalf of members to recommend which candidates would be a good choice for NCF.

To form a recommendation, the Nomination Committee does the following:

  1. Reviews the roles of a board member
    Collectively, board members must have the experience to recognize and approve plans and strategies that will move the organization toward its goals. The board maintains a mission for NCF, and hires and oversees an executive director. Board members must have skills to serve on board committees, such as the finance committee, nomination committee, or Executive Director search committee. Typical board members are people who have management experience, who have developed respect and contacts within other organizations and the community, and who can represent NCF well to members and the public.
  2. Analyses board composition to determine what skills are missing on the board
    While the ability to understand financial reporting and to make business decisions is essential for all directors, a well-functioning board will have members with specializations such as in finance, management, technology, media relations, or law, and will have connections within the community. The Nomination Committee determines what skills and backgrounds would best complement and complete the existing board.
  3. Interviews candidates
    The Committee reviews candidate resumes and meets with each candidate to become acquainted with their knowledge of boards and the roles of directors, and their knowledge of NCF and how it serves the community. The Committee evaluates how a candidate's skills and style would complement the existing directors, and assesses their interpersonal skills and teamwork. Time requirements are discussed with candidates.
  4. Determines which candidates have skills that best match those missing on the board
    The Committee reviews the results of interviews to determine which candidates have skills that would best complement the existing board. These candidates are recommended to NCF members.

The recommendations of the Committee are only recommendations — voters are encouraged to do their own evaluations of the candidates and vote accordingly.

NCF is a large group of people, getting together to share costs and workload, doing something good for themselves and the community.