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NCF Board of Directors
Minutes of Board Meeting
March 14, 2023

Minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors

Board members present:
Anis Hanna (gb499) Chair
Peter MacKinnon (fr198) 2nd Vice-Chair
Graeme Beckett (aw958) Secretary
Christopher Cope (bz787)
Laura Novitsky (gd477)
Michael Chan (ga869)
Martin Dubois (al432)

Majd Karam (gc029) 1st Vice Chair
Emmanuel Adenlolu (gc476) Treasurer
Lindsay Carreau (gc034)
Eddie Villarta  (gd683) (appointed to vacant seat until the AGM)

NCF Management/Staff present:
Executive Director: Shelley Robinson

  1. Confirmation of Quorum

    Quorum was confirmed
  2. Consent Agenda (45 minutes: questions & comments or corrections)

    1. Minutes of board meeting January 31, 2023

      Motion: To move in-camera.
      Proposer: Laura Novitsky (gd477)
      Seconder: Michael Chan (ga869)
      The motion was carried.
    2. Executive Director's Report

      The following portion of the  Executive Director's report is open to the public.


      Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm
      ●  Some members have mentioned issues with slow loading of email and the NCF website. Thanks for drawing our attention to this: after assessing the problems, we have taken some steps to ease the issue and continue to monitor it. We are also working to implement permanent fixes in the coming weeks. Our internet services have not been affected by this issue.


      NCF COVID-19 Safety Plan, regularly updated: www.ncf.ca/covid19

      Communications and Advocacy:

      ●  The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) released its final policy directive to the CRTC: https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/mobile-plans/en/order-issuing-direction-crtc-renewed-approachtelecommunications-policy
      ●  We’re happy with the outcome. NCF previously submitted comments on the draft directive:
      ●  Based in part on the new policy directive, the CRTC has released a Notice of Consultation for a review of wholesale internet services. This included a 10% wholesale rate drop affecting a portion of the costs we pay for the service we offer members: we’ll send out more details when we know more. Again, a promising direction!
      Shelley moderated a panel discussion for the Centre for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) annual conference: https://csedottawa.ca/services/networking-and-procurement/unleashed-2023-conference/
  3. Strategic Discussion: Cable pricing  (60 minutes)
    1. Cable pricing (Shelley Robinson)

      This item was conducted in-camera.
  4. Date of Next Meeting  _________

    To be determined via online poll. Location: Hybrid, electronic and in-person at NCF office.
  5. Standing agenda item for discussion without staff and review (15 minutes)
    1. Discussion item (Anis Hanna)

      This item was conducted in-camera.

      Motion: To move out of camera.
      Proposer: Peter MacKinnon (fr198)
      Seconder: Christopher Cope (bz787)
      The motion was carried.