Report from the Chair (Anis Hanna)

NCF members, partners, and supporters,

My name is Anis Hanna, the new Chair of NCF, and I am pleased to present to you NCF’s Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2021.

I would like to begin by extending my deep appreciation on behalf of the Board of Directors, to all NCF staff and volunteers for their dedication and …

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Report from the Executive Director (Shelley Robinson)

It’s already a cliché that in March 2020, we thought the pandemic lock-down would last a few weeks rather than a few years. COVID-19 changed everything, reinforcing the role internet plays in everyday life and the need for digital equity to ensure no one is left behind. NCF’s work has become more important than ever, at the same time that …

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Report from the Treasurer (Emmanuel Adenlolu)

Fellow Members,

Despite the effort by the government to keep the economy going, the ongoing pandemic continues to pose challenges for organizations, including National Capital FreeNet.

For the year ended December 31st 2021, National Capital FreeNet had a $179,735 net surplus. However, 88% of this net surplus or $157,502 was due to a retroactive credit from Bell related to reduced …

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Report from the Auditor
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