Archived AGM Material

NCF's AGMs prior to year 2000 were conducted using a hybrid of a text-oriented menu system and a web page. At the time, there was a converter that made text pages available via web browsers, but that is no longer operating. Below is page that presents the AGM results and selected portions of the AGM material of the indicated year. For more information, please contact NCF.

National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

The NCF 1998 Online
Annual General Meeting

Conducted online in the spring of 1998

Election results: Board of Directors

NCF Board Election Results
Tue Mar 10 17:26:32 EST 1998
Michael F. Mason
1998 AGM Election Returning Officer

2,972 ballots submitted (total number of voters for candidates)

Name               Userid Votes   Status
-----------------  ------ -----   -------
Jessica Cohen       aa724  1851   Elected
Dave Sutherland     aa001  1695   Elected
Miranda Gray        ak717  1689   Elected
Andrew Nellis       bs904  1397   Elected

John Stewart        aa104  1300  
Robert Blane        dk565   695

Total Votes:               8627

Election results: Motions

NCF AGM 1998 Motions
Tue Mar 10 17:31:22 EST 1998
Michael F. Mason
1998 AGM Election Returning Officer

Routine Business Motions and Board Proposed Motions Ballot
2568 ballots submitted for these motions

Remuneration of Agents, Contractors and Employees
  In Favour: 1556
  Opposed:     95
  Abstain:    680
  No Vote:    237

Appointment of Auditors
  In Favour: 1549
  Opposed:     89
  Abstain:    641
  No Vote:    289

Rules and Regulations
  In Favour: 1484
  Opposed:    138
  Abstain:    697
  No Vote:    249

Candidate information

Candidate responses to three posed questions.
Candidate statements.


What happened in the previous year:

Finance Committee
Executive Director
Office & Volunteers
Public Relations Committee
Help Desk
Complaint Resolution Committee
Documentation Team

AGM Team

Members of the 1998 Annual General Meeting Team

AGM Chairman:                Michael Mason (xx956)

Elections Returning Officer: Michael Mason (xx956)
Board FAQ Maintainer:        Natalie Munro (xx966)
Menu Maintainer:             Don McCallum (xx515) & Jim Elder (aa456)
General FAQ Maintainer:      Natalie Munro (xx966)
Proxy Votes Holder:          Jean Wilmot (aa145)