AGM Election Results

Thank you for participating in NCF’s 26th online Annual General Meeting, organized and conducted entirely by volunteers. Thank you also, on behalf of NCF’s thousands of members, to every candidate for participating in this election. NCF Board members serve as volunteers, to the benefit of NCF members and their community.

Below are the AGM election results.

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The NCF 2019 Online
Annual and Special Meeting of Members

Wednesday, May 29th   to   Wednesday, June 5th

NCF’s Annual General Meeting is held online so that
as many as possible of NCF’s thousands of members can participate.

Welcome to NCF’s 26th Annual General Meeting.

STEP ONE: Become Informed

  1. Reports to members — What happened at NCF in 2018
    1. Combined Annual Report (Chair, Treasurer, Executive Director) PDF
    2. Report from the Auditor (Marcil Lavallée)
    3. Minutes of Board meetings

  2. Nominations for the Board

    The nominations period is from Tuesday, May 14th at 8am until Tuesday, May 21st 11:59pm.

    If you have any questions or are interested in putting your nomination forward, please send an expression of interest, including your name and NCF member ID, to no later than Friday, May 17th.

  3. Candidates for the NCF Board of Directors

    The roles of a board member: Prospective board members come from all walks of life and bring varied experience to the Board. The ability to understand financial reporting and to make business decisions is essential, and often board members have subject-area expertise, such as experience in management or law. Collectively, NCF’s eleven board members have the experience to recognize and approve plans and strategies that will move NCF toward its goals. Read more here.

    NCF has a governance board, where day-to-day operations are handled by staff and volunteers, under the management of the Executive Director. The Board sets the mission, vision, principles, and broad policies that guide the Executive Director. The Board is responsible for employing and evaluating the Executive Director, and for monitoring macro parameters that measure the operation of NCF.

    Candidates are asked to answer three questions and to provide other information that they believe will be helpful to voters. The three questions are:

    1. What skills will you contribute to the NCF Board?
    2. What are the most important functions of NCF for its members?
    3. Why do you want to be an NCF director?

    This year there are five seats to fill, of varying term length: Four 3-year seats and one 2-year seat. Vote count will determine allocation of seats.

    The listing order of candidate names below is determined by random draw. The listing order on ballots is also random (for each ballot) and so likely isn’t the same as below.

    The candidates are:

    Candidate Nominated by Seconded by
    Chris Cope Nomination Committee
    Andrea Holland Nomination Committee
    Lauren Gardner Nomination Committee
    Dan Auns Nomination Committee
    Anis Hanna Nomination Committee
    Omer Livvarcin Nomination Committee
    Oliver Benning Nomination Committee

    Click on each candidate name for information about that candidate.

  4. Annual Motions and Special Resolutions

    The Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, which governs NCF, calls for members to consider this motion at each AGM:

    Motion: Appointment of Auditors

STEP TWO: Consider Alternatives

NCF matters of any sort can be discussed with members and candidates using the online AGM discussion group

This year, you are also invited to meet some of the Board and potential candidates by attending a Meet & Greet.


Once the voting period opens on May 29th at 6pm, enter your vote (by clicking here) for candidates and motions.

If asked, please enter your NCF account ID (eg., aa315) and your NCF password (help). You may change your vote by voting again any time during the voting period.

That concludes the formal part of the AGM.

STEP FOUR: Please Make Your Opinions Known

Your comments and suggestions make a difference and help NCF operate better. Now and any time, you can make your opinions known by contacting NCF’s Executive Director, Shelley Robinson, at or 613-721-1773 ext 1001.


The 2019 annual General Meeting AGM concluded on Wednesday June 5th. I am pleased to confirm that sufficient members participated to meet quorum and accordingly the meeting was a properly constituted meeting of the members.

Following the voting the following were elected to the Board of Directors:

Lauren Gardner
Christopher Cope
Andrea Holland
Anis Hanna
Oliver Benning

As a result we now have a full complement of eleven members of the board. Thank you to everyone who voted.

In addition the motion to appoint the auditors, Marcil Lavallee was carried.

Michael Chan
Returning Officer for the elections held during the 2019 AGM.

There were 262 voters (of approximately 5500 registered members).

Board of Directors
Votes NCF ID Name Term (yrs) Expires Notes
219 fy923 Lauren Gardner 3 2022 Elected: Three-year term
212 bz787 Christopher Cope 3 2022 Elected: Three-year term
199 es170 Andrea Holland 3 2022 Elected: Three-year term
157 gb499 Anis Hanna 2 2021 Elected: Two-year term
157 ga678 Oliver Benning 2 2021 Elected: Two-year term

As two of the candidates were tied, Anis Hanna and Oliver Benning have both been awarded 2-yr terms.

Motions: Annual Business
For Against Abstain No Vote Result Motion
226 2 24 0 Carried Motion A - Appointment of Auditors

Thank you for your participation

NCF is a large group of people getting together to share costs and benefits, doing something good for themselves and the community. Your participation in NCF’s AGM supports the proper functioning of NCF.

Thank you,

Michael Chan
2019 AGM Chair

Related information

Calendar of events

May 14 to May 21 Nomination period (how to nominate)
May 18 11:59am Deadline for submitting special motions
May 27 11:59pm Deadline for submitting candidate information
May 29 6:00pm Meet & Greet
Billings Room
Ottawa City Hall
110 Laurier Ave W
May 29 6:00pm to June 5 6:00pm Voting period

AGM procedures

Do you have an unanswered question? Send email to the AGM Chair , or post your question to the AGM discussion group.

Current NCF Board Members

The table below lists current directors (prior to the AGM). Entries with no names are vacancies to be filled at the AGM. Links in the table below display information provided by the director when they were a candidate at a prior AGM. Terms expire at the end of the AGM in the year indicated.

Meetings of the board are open to members and the public.

NCF ID Name Term (yrs) Expires Role
aw958 Graeme Beckett 3 2021 Secretary
fr198 Peter MacKinnon 2 2020 2nd Vice-Chair
bz787 Christopher Cope 3 2019 Chair
al432 Martin Dubois 3 2021
fx621 Pete de Lepper 3 2019
fy923 Lauren Gardner 3 2019
fx720 Peter Chapman 3 2020 1st Vice-Chair
fz160 Diana Cantu 3 2019
ga867 Sterling Jimenez 3 2021
ga869 Michael Chan 3 2021
Vacancy Vacancy 3 2021

Information about Prior AGMs

AGM Contributors

Who What
Peter ChapmanNominations Committee Chair
Michael ChanAGM Chair
Michael ChanReturning officer (definition: conducts election and announces result)
André DalleVoting system administration