National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Dan Auns

Candidate to be elected to the
National Capital FreeNet Board of Directors

What skills will you contribute to the NCF Board?

I am a passionate, hard working professional with a reputation for delivering upon theexpectations that are placed upon me. I have contributed to many businesses frommultiple varied perspectives through the course of my career, including Operations, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success.

The ability to effectively communicate: Has helped me contribute in many collaborativesituations over the course of my career. Being able to present ideas of my own, as wellas consuming information as provided by others is a skill that I depend on. Having held Board positions in the past, I know that good communication is an essential skill neededto establish the governance and direction that serves the NCF membership.

I am proud to have been told that I am an empathetic leader. Always taking the time tothoroughly understand the wider ramifications of my actions. Never losing sight that evenin business and technology, that the values of people - be it my colleagues, my partners,or my customers - are always the most important values to maintain.

What are the most important functions of the NCF for its members?

Today, I feel that the most important functions that the NCF can provide for its members,can be summed up in two core concepts.

Access and Accountability.

It would be easy to confuse Access with simple internet connectivity. I believe that manyforms of access are in fact provided by the NCF to it’s membership. Access to support,access to technology, access to expertise, are all facets of access that the NCF providesto responsible connected citizen members. That the NCF provides these sorts of accessto it’s membership, is why I believe that access is a core function of the NCF.

Accountability also comes in many forms. NCF members should trust that their serviceprovider adheres to accepted best practices for internet provisioning. Void of anyalternate commercial motives and always governed by the membership - the NCF needsto hold itself accountable to these principles, while providing a high level of service asexpected in today’s marketplace.

Why do you want to be an NCF director?

Some of my most meaningful experiences have come from volunteering. Being a father,raising my family here in Ottawa has provided me with numerous opportunities to giveback to my community with my time. Being a coach and youth group leader, as well asbeing able to participate on the Board of Directors for my sons hockey association hasbeen an enriching and valuable part of my life.

The opportunity to join the NCF as a director, would allow me to apply myself in a similarway, within the industry that chose to forge my career. The internet is the connective tissue that holds all of my professional experiences together, and I would take greatpride in contributing at this level to an organization like the NCF.

Building upon the great work that Directors have contributed before me, I look forward tocontributing a creative new voice that will allow the NCF to better serve it’s members. Ihope to establish an upward trajectory towards mutually agreed upon goals, whileholding true to the NCF legacy and core intention.

Dan Auns (gb476)