National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

NCF Board of Directors

This is the web page of the Secretary of the NCF Board of Directors.

Minutes of a board meeting are reviewed for accuracy at the next meeting of the board, and then posted here. The board typically meets every month, depending on workload, exclusive of meetings of committees of the board.

Agenda and Information Items for the Next Meeting of the Board

Minutes and information items of board meetings

(Links that return 'not found' indicate documents that have not yet been provided by the author or have not yet been approved by the Board)

NCF's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is based on the the previous calendar year from January to December.

Prior years

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Some history:

1992: NCF established, in September 1992, by people at Carleton University
1995: 9.6 Kb/s dial-up modems are common; Microsoft releases Windows 95
1998: Google begins operation
2000: Dot-com bubble bursts
2002: 56 Kb/s dial-up modems are common
2003: NCF re-designs its web site and become web-oriented
2005: NCF introduces its first DSL internet access offering
2006: NCF's office moves to Trailhead building, from Carleton University campus
2013: NCF's office moves to Richmond Square

Over 100,000 national capital residents have been NCF members.