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NCF Board of Directors
Agenda and Information for the Next Meeting
Tuesday April 18, 2018 at 19:00
NCF Offices, Suite 206 Richmond Square,
1305 Richmond Rd.

(Last updated April 18, 2018)

  1. Confirmation of Quorum
  2. Review of the agenda 
              Motion: To adopt the agenda.
  3. Review of the Minutes of  Previous Meeting.
    1. March 27, 2018 ( review of minutes deferred to the next meeting)
      Motion: To approve the minutes of the March 27, meeting.
  4. Reports
    1. Executive Director's Report  (Shelley Robinson)
    2. In-Camera portion of the Executive Director's Report
      Motion: To receive the Executive Director’s report.
  5. Ongoing Business   
    1. Banking Resolutions (Shelley Robinson)
  6. New Business   
    1. Review of the 2017 Draft Audit / Financial Statements. (Shelley Robinson)
    2. 2018 AGM Update
    3. Name Change Consideration (Tabled by Peter MacKinnon)
    4. NCF Logo  (Shelley Robinson)
  7. Announcements
  8. Date of Next Meeting - _________,
    NCF Offices, Suite 206 Richmond Square, 1305 Richmond Rd.
  9. Adjournment

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