Proposal for updating NCF's policies

We are coming up on our sixth year of operations and some of our polices have never been modified. It is time to update them all and bring them inline with our current practices.

I propose that we handle things in the following manner:

  1. Make a motion to adopt Available Services Policy (draft) and rescind the following polices:
  2. Designate the following polices operational in nature: * Note: operational polices may be updated by staff at any time without requiring board action.
  3. Move the following policies into a board historical documents area:
  4. Move the Public relations policies to the Public Relations Team menu area.
  5. Work on revising or finish revising the following polices before the 1998 AGM:
  6. Begin transferring this menu area into a web page. Here is an page along the lines of what I think we should develop.
Here is the list of all current NCF board area policies.