NCF Available Services Policy

NCF was conceived as a non-profit community computing resource, not as a free on-ramp to the Internet. Since we are dependent on member donations and sponsorships, we have a limited supply of resources. To keep cost down, and in keeping with our intent to provide balanced services to the community, NCF does not permit unrestricted access to Internet services.As a local public utility, the primary goal of NCF is to connect local people to local information,. While some offered utilities, such as e-mail or WWW access, extend beyond the local mandate, we see limited access to the Internet as part of a basic package of services that stresses enhancing the local online community. Where resources permit, other services will be provided.FreeNet does not intend to compete with local BBS's or commercial Internet Service Providers. People wishing to have access to additional resources or services may contact any of a growing number of local commercial Internet Service Providers .

Operational Policies concerning specific services: