National Capital FreeNet Policy Statements

The National Capital FreeNet has several documents which outline its rules and regulations. The first place to start is the NCF By-Laws. But we also have had several policies adopted of the years.Polices are general guidelines that tell how the organization will conduct itself. NCF has two types -- general policies and operational policies.NCF's board of directors (elected by members at the annual general meeting of members) set or approve policy to guide the organization. These policy guidelines must be approved by a majority of the board and be confirmed at the next annual general meeting of the membership. Day-to-day operations that carry out those policies are managed by the Executive Director.List of General PoliciesOperational policies are the responsibility of NCF's staff members. They do not have to be approved by the board or the membership. They generally address day-to-day problems in running a system like FreeNet.List of Operational PoliciesThe Executive Director can help with clarification or interpretation of NCF policies. The Executive Director also brings gaps in policy to the attention of the board, often with recommendations. See NCF Administration and Operation for information about contacting the Executive Director.Also, members are encouraged to discuss NCF policy in the board's newsgroup which is part of the NCF Board's online area, where it will receive the attention of the directors.See also the archive of Board papers.
In "A Handbook for Cultural Trustees", Marion Paquet identifies the following as characteristics of a good policy: (from the United Way of Canada's "Board Basics Manual", 1995).