Archived AGM Material

NCF's AGMs prior to year 2000 were conducted using a hybrid of a text-oriented menu system and a web page. At the time, there was a converter that made text pages available via web browsers, but that is no longer operating. Below is page that presents the AGM results and selected portions of the AGM material of the indicated year. For more information, please contact NCF.

National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

The NCF 1997 Online
Annual General Meeting

Conducted online in the spring of 1997

Election results: Board of Directors

NCF Board Election Results
Tue Mar 11 17:48:54 EST 1997
Garth Graham (aa127)
1997 AGM Election Returning Officer

2,938 ballots submitted (total number of voters for candidates)

Name               Userid Votes   Status
-----------------  ------ -----   -------
Michael Mason       an956  1939   Elected
Jean Wilmot         aa145  1570   Elected
Andre Vellino       an386  1074   Elected

Andrew Metcalfe     bg691  1059
Lee Murray          bh295   520
John C. Turmel      bc726   414
Roger Matte         ad299   327
Steven White        cc586   269

Total Votes:               7172

Election results: Motions

Text of motions

NCF AGM 1997 Motions
Tue Mar 11 18:20:36 EST 1997
Garth Graham (aa127)
1997 AGM Election Returning Officer

Routine Business Motions and Board Proposed Motions Ballot
2303 ballots submitted for these motions

Remuneration of Agents, Contractors and Employees
  In Favour: 1515
  Opposed:     90
  Abstain:    478
  No Vote:    220

Appointment of Auditors
  In Favour: 1495
  Opposed:     93
  Abstain:    476
  No Vote:    239

Rules and Regulations
  In Favour: 1485
  Opposed:    153
  Abstain:    478
  No Vote:    187

Board Size
  In Favour: 1541
  Opposed:    161
  Abstain:    393
  No Vote:    208

Motions Proposed from the Floor Ballot
2415 ballots submitted for these motions

Account renewal process
  In Favour:  649
  Opposed:   1249
  Abstain:    348
  No Vote:    169

ncf.* and ott.* newsgroups
  In Favour:  539
  Opposed:   1106
  Abstain:    490
  No Vote:    280

Usenet access for internet-based members
  In Favour:  510
  Opposed:   1217
  Abstain:    438
  No Vote:    250

NCF supporters
  In Favour: 1681
  Opposed:     90
  Abstain:    363
  No Vote:    281


What happened in the previous year:

Finance Committee
Financial statements
Executive Director
Office & Volunteers
Planning Committee
Comité francophone
System Design
Public Relations Task Force
Speakers Task Force
NCF boutique

AGM Team

People working on the 1997 AGM

The following is a list of those who are doing work on the 1997
annual general meeting.

AGM chairperson 

All task volunteers and staff report to this person for coordination of
AGM activities. Per the By-laws, this is the President of the Board. The
President may also declare another person to act in this capacity (for
example, when the President is running for office). 

André L. Ouellette

Elections Return Officer
Ensures the readiness of voting methods and procedures.  Validates
nominated candidates as well as their first and second nominator. Opens
and closes ballot box and reports vote results. This is a position that
requires impartiallity in order to demonstrate and ensure fair
and open voting procedures.  

Garth Graham

André L. Ouellette

news: ncf.agm97.nominations
General AGM FAQ maintainer

Monitors the general discussion and answers questions related to meeting
and elections process and history. 

Lisa Donnelly

Yvonne Dionne

news: ncf.agm97.answers

Board FAQ and motions Preparers

Monitors and replies to NCF board and policy questions or issues in the
AGM area. Prepares the motions for the AGM. 

Richard P. Taylor (Board motions Preparer)

Yvonne Dionne (Board FAQ)

news: ncf.agm97.motions.drafts

Menu designers

Design "look and feel" of AGM menus and ballot software.  Deal with
misunderstandings and any possible lack of clarity during the AGM.

Menu maintainers

Turns on menus and adapts as needed. Installs candidates documents.
Installs Annual reports. 

Don McCallum


Programs, sets-up, activates and deactivates the vote software and
vote counting software. 

Roy Hooper

Proxy votes

Posts proxy process information and receives and processes all requests.

Rosaleen Dickson