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This article details how to set up an NCF mail account on Windows Mail 10.

Email Accounts

To set up an NCF account in the native email client on Windows 10 you will first have to pull up the application from the start menu. Once you are inside the Mail application, go to Accounts > Add Account > Other Account: POP, IMAP as illustrated in the image below.

Windows10mail 1.png

Enter your ncf email (format: aa000@ncf.ca) and your NCF password (same as you use when logging into our start page . Click Sign in (Click Number 1)

Windows10mail 2.png

The Sign in button will then change into a Try again button. Click it two more times (No 2 & 3)

Windows10mail 3.png

The Try again button will then change into the Advanced button. Click it one more time (4th overall click)

Windows10mail 4.png

Enter the ncf recommended settings for a POP/IMAP account setup (Screenshots show POP3 setup. However IMAP4 can be set up the same way and recommended).

Windows10mail 5 1.png

Windows10mail 5 2.png

Calendar Account

You can set up a calendar account to synchronize with the NCF Zimbra web mail calendar by selecting the CalDav calendar account option and filling in the required fields.

The server address will be https://mail.ncf.ca/dav/username@ncf.ca/Calendar where "username" will be your NCF account username. Check all fields and don't forget to save.

PlayBookCalendar 1.jpg

PlayBookCalendar 2.jpg

You can also create extra calenders in addition to the default one. For each subsequent calendar you create a new CalDav account with these two differences: email address is username@ncf.ca/calendar_name, and server address is https://mail.ncf.ca/dav/username@ncf.ca