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In Development, not ready yet


Email Quick Configuration Info

Mail server:mail.ncf.ca
Username:(your NCF ID, eg., ab123)
Password:(your NCF account password)
Incoming mail:
IMAP Port:(SSL) Port 993
POP-3 Port:(SSL) Port 995
Outgoing mail:
Submission: (TLS and starttls) Port 587
SMTPS: (SSL-legacy) Port 465

Before you can use an email alias in Thunderbird, your must create an email alias in your NCF account. You must set up an an email account in Thunderbird that uses your NCF user ID. Then you can set up a Thunderbird identity using that account and your email alias. Whe your have done this and when you use the new Identity, Thunderbird will send email address from your email alias (alias@ncf.ca) instead of your NCF user ID (aa999@ncf.ca).

How do I get an email alias?