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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Dokuwiki on NCF organizational websites]]
*[[Dokuwiki on NCF organizational websites]]
*[[Website Statistics]]
==External links==
==External links==
*[ Generating an encrypted htaccess password]
*[ Generating an encrypted htaccess password]
[[Category: web space]]
[[Category: web space]]

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NCF provides website hosting services for individual NCF members and also for organizations too.


Hosting services available to individual NCF members

Each member has available:

  • web space for static (non-dynamic) web pages (see Publishing Web Pages)
  • FTP access and Web File Manager (see Publishing Web Pages)
  • web traffic stats (produced by the AWStats package)
  • nightly back-up
  • email (one account per member), including webmail, POP and IMAP access

No dynamic page generation is available (eg., no PHP, JSP, MySQL, etc) for member accounts, but these are available for 'organizational' accounts (which can be held by an individual).

Apache .htaccess files

NCF's web server is an Apache HTTP server and .htaccess files are recognized with the following modules enabled:

  • mod_auth (for Basic password protection, ie., password in the clear)
  • mod_alias (for redirecting)
  • mod_rewrite (for remapping)

The absolute path to your web space is:


Hosting services available to organization accounts

NCF organizational accounts have available:

  • all services available to members (web pages, etc)
  • sub-domain hosting (eg.,
  • full-domain hosting (eg., (Note that NCF does not offer domain name registration, so it has to be done elsewhere)
  • PHP5, MySQL5
  • no scripting support, no shell access

Organizational email accounts are limited at the moment by old mail server technology. Not much is available beyond simple forwarding.

Package installation (such as WordPress) may be possible for organizational accounts by special arrangement.

NCF hopes to expand its hosting services as resources permit.

The absolute path to your web space is:


See also

External links