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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Alternate email address]]
*[[Alternate email address]]
*[[Thunderbird Setup: Email Account and Email Alias]]
[[Category: Email]]
[[Category: Email]]

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What is an email alias?

An email alias is a personalized email address; instead of using the default NCF email address (e.g. ab123@ncf.ca), you may choose an email alias (e.g. jsmith@ncf.ca) as your email address.

Each NCF member can be assigned one alias, although you can also get an unlimited number of disposable email addresses.

Incoming mail will continue to arrive in your NCF mailbox, whether it is addressed to your mail alias or your default email address. If you use WebMail to send email, the sender's email address will be your email alias.

How do I get an email alias?

You may request an email alias by clicking on Reserve an email alias on your personalized StartPage.

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