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Help Desk Bookshelf

NCF provides this 'shelf', and members contribute the 'books'. Just like walking into a library or a bookstore, you can look for books on a topic, look for books from your favourite authors, or just browse around.

Note: The list below are links to web pages created and maintained by the author of that page, and express their personal opinions. Just as in any bookshelf, you may find that opinions from different authors vary. Why not contribute your own viewpoints?

Help Desk Bookshelf

Jim Elder How I Configure and Use Microsoft Outlook Express to Avoid Viruses and Spam

Configuring and using Microsoft Outlook Express in a way that reduces the chances of getting a virus or attracting spam.

Shirley Yik Computer Workshops and Public Internet Terminals

Places in the Ottawa region that offer introductory workshops, and workshops for seniors. Also, where to find internet terminals in public places.

Theresa Jobateh Creating Basic Web Pages at NCF

How I use NCF tools to create a web page in my NCF web space that I can access from anywhere on the internet.

Yvan Loranger Using NCF SpamFilter without Frequent use of a Web Browser

NCF recommends using a web browser to manage SpamFilter 'YellowMail', but here's a way to use SpamFilter without frequent use of a web browser.

Glenn Jackman Protect Yourself from Email Viruses

Tips on how you can protect yourself from email viruses.

Shirley Yik How to Use Computers and the Internet

Material from the Ottawa Public Library geared for new users of computers and the internet. "How to" information.

Shirley Yik Using the Ottawa Public Library via the Internet

You probably already know that you can find and reserve books, audio CDs, DVDs, magazines, newspaper articles, and periodicals at the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) -- but did you know that you can also do all those things from home too, via the Internet?

Susan Wellisch Reading Usenet Newsgroups with Freeport

What are newsgroups, and how to access them with Freeport, the text interface to NCF.

David Robinson Assorted aDSL Topics

Information and opinions about aspects of the NCF DSL service, organized as "chapters" in a reference book.

This 'bookshelf' is a place for NCF members to share tips and advice on the use of NCF services and the internet. If you have information you would like to share with other members, why not author a web page and have a link to it here on NCF's shelf? Helping others achieve the benefits of the internet helps make the region a better place.

Want to be an author too? Just create a web page on topics relating to the use of NCF or the internet, and ask the NCF Office to add it to the NCF Help Desk Bookshelf. If there is already a book on the topic that you'd like to write about, that's no problem -- offer people your perspective, which might suit their style and circumstances better than anything already on the shelf.

The Help Desk Book Club is a place for talking about things relating to the NCF Help Desk Bookshelf.