National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

NCF Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting
May 2001


Minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors

Held on May 15th, 2001 at 7:00 pm
at Ottawa City Hall
111 Lisgar, Ottawa, Ontario

The following Board members were present:
Miranda Gray (ak717), 2nd Vice-President
David Millman (aa342), Treasurer
Graeme Beckett (aw958)
Sandy Campbell (dt820), Secretary
Christopher Cope (bz787), President/chair
Gary Eikenberry (aa353)
Seline Herz-Fischler (as370), 1st Vice-President
Catherine Wenuk (ep584)
John Wenuk (ep585)

The following Board members sent regrets:
Mark Mielke (al278)
John Peterson (af186)

NCF Staff/Management present:
Sheila Alder (bw306), Office Manager
Andre Dalle (al178), System Administrator
Ian MacEachern (bi207), Executive Director

NCF members present:
Robert Rattey (ac866)

Minute-Taker: Joan Robertson (cw055)


    The meeting was called to order at 7:15 with Chris Cope as Chair, and Sandy Campbell as Secretary.

    (see minutes of prior month)

    MOTION: That the minutes be approved as amended.
    Moved by: John Wenuk
    Seconded by: Gary Eikenberry
    VOTE: All in favor; Miranda Gray who was absent from the April
    meeting, abstained.


    Additions - none

    Deletions - none



    Member Robert Rattey praised the new format for Board meeting Agenda
    and Minutes, which Secretary Sandy Campbell explained was the good
    work of Jim Elder.

    Miranda Gray referred to the fact that items deferred were never
    brought forward unless a date for doing so was specified. The
    Secretary agreed to keep track of deferrals.


    1. Treasurer's Report (David Millman)
      (see accompanying report and financial statements for prior month)

      Treasurer Millman distributed a summary of figures for March and
      April. He explained that cash was 4K over budget (the year having
      started at 13K over budget,) because while year-to-date renewals
      were up and members who donated donated more, not as many donated as

      Discussion of glitches and delays in issuing latest renewal letter
      and renewal notices. Executive Director to investigate and report
      to June meeting.

      President Chris Cope asked whether Treasurer's report could be
      circulated in text format. Treasurer Millman agreed to investigate
      and report to June meeting.

      MOTION: That Treasurer's report be approved.
      Moved by: Sandy Campbell
      Seconded by: Cathy Wenuk
      VOTE: All in favor.

    2. Operations Report (Ian MacEachern)
      (see accompanying report)

      Executive Director summarized concerns with technical repairs and
      with renewal-donation situation. New renewal letter is priority and
      he will issue that ASAP without further consultation with the Board.
      Solving modem problems and pressing to get 3COM units working
      properly is priority. He is also working on moving forward on
      SmartCapital and Thin Client projects. He will also talk again with
      Richard Webb about ongoing question of the proposed high-tech
      directory and will give a final recommendation on moving forward or
      dropping the project.

      MOTION: That the Board receive the Executive Director's report.
      Moved by: Sandy Campbell
      Seconded by: John Wenuk
      VOTE: Motion carried, with Miranda Gray abstaining.


    1. Appointment of Officers (Chris Cope)
      (see accompanying recommendation)


      MOTION: That Sandy Campbell be appointed Secretary
      Moved by: John Wenuk
      Seconded by: Gary Eikenberry

      Graeme Beckett nominated Mark Mielke, who was not present at
      meeting. There was no second.

      VOTE: Sandy Campbell was acclaimed as Secretary.

      (2nd VICE-PRESIDENT)

      Miranda Gray announced she would resign as 2nd Vice-President at
      the end of the meeting.

      Gary Eikenberry was nominated by Sandy Campbell, seconded by David Millman;
      Cathy Wenuk was nominated by John Wenuk, seconded by Seline Herz-Fischler;
      Graeme Beckett offered his candidacy and was nominated by Miranda Gray, seconded by David Millman.

      Ballots were prepared, votes to be counted by Executive Director
      with plurality to decide winner; candidates made brief presentations.

      VOTE: Cathy Wenuk elected 2nd Vice-President.

    2. Membership of the Board's standing Executive Committee
      (see accompanying recommendation)

      Executive Director recommended that his single 'point of contact' or
      interface with the Board be the Executive Committee, i.e. the
      Executive Committee as a group, not as individual members; although
      he emphasized he would always be available to all Board members as
      well as to all NCF members.

      MOTION: That NCF Officers be members of the Executive Committee, with
      power to add.

      Moved by: Sandy Campbell
      Seconded by: Seline Herz-Fischler
      VOTE: All in favor.

      A motion defining the details of the Executive Committee's role and
      responsibilities was tabled to allow the Committee to discuss and
      present recommendations to the June Board meeting.

    3. Bank Signing Authority
      (see accompanying recommendation)

      MOTION: That any two of the following people are hereby authorized to
      act as signing authorities on behalf of NCF: President Chris Cope;
      Treasurer David Millman; Mark Mielke; Executive Director Ian MacEachern.

      Moved by: Gary Eikenberry
      Seconded by: Seline Herz-Fischler
      VOTE: All in favor


    Cathy Wenuk attended the official launch of "SmartSites" on May 8th
    (part of the inaugural event of SmartCapital) by Industry Canada
    Minister Brian Tobin and Ottawa Mayor Bob Chiarelli and reported that
    NCF participation was highlighted by the Minister and many partners.
    She and Executive Director pointed out that by offering complementary
    services with other participants offers NCF the possibility of
    attracting new members and additional support. NCF member Robert
    Rattey asked that something be posted to members to make them aware
    of NCF's involvement in SmartCapital.

    Sandy Campbell drew attention to the years of dedicated effort by Joan
    Robertson who is retiring as note-taker at Board meetings. All Board
    members expressed gratitude to Joan.

    Miranda Gray noted that date, July 21, for annual picnic has been determined,
    but the location not yet chosen. It was observed that last year's
    site at Brewer Park was not optimum.

    Meeting adjourned at 9.50 p.m.


    June 19, 2001 at 7pm, Billings Room, City Hall, 111 Lisgar, Ottawa