Dec 2000: Some Materials for the Dec18 Board Meeting


Update as of 2000 Dec 20:  The motions below were passed at the Dec18 board meeting, as noted below.  See minutes of meeting at Minutes and Information Items of NCF Board meetings


Several NCF supporters (mostly board members) have been working on motions for consideration at the Dec 18 board meeting.  They are listed below.  Each motion is accompanied by background and context to explains why the motion is worthwhile.  The idea is to provide enough context so that an interested NCF member would know what is being considered soon enough to get involved and contribute alternatives, if desired.




NCF’s Focus in 2001

Near-term general focus, to coordinate activities of supporters.
Passed unanimously on Dec18.

NCF’s Structure in 2001

Organizational structure to get best results for members
Passed on Dec18.

Search Committee

Formation of a search committee to find a new Executive Director/General Manager
Passed on Dec18

Other motions

Temporary representation of NCF
Passed on Dec18

Temporary reporting mechanism for staff
Passed on Dec18 as amended (see minutes of meeting)

Temporary deferral of renewals to give time for developing a new renewal letter
Not tabled (too much disruption; better to just develop quickly)

Background information:


Relating to a ‘vision’ for NCF and a focus for 2001, a Capsule Summary of NCF (including many links to useful background information – follow the links)


Forecast for renewals (and donations) in 2001, by extrapolating of past trends (assumes NO CHANGE of policies or services) (plenty of changes are planned so as to improve upon this forecast).


February 2000 survey of members and here’s a synopsis.


Governance board model described by United Way/YMCA Board Development and adopted by NCF in mid-1990’s (after an ED, Lisa Donnelly, exasperated by micro-managing and board problems, enrolled the board in the course) (also online at ‘go board’, menu item 1)


The difference between a ‘governance board’ and a ‘hands-on board’


Comments and advice from Lisa Donnelly, NCF’s Executive Director until 1997 (when she moved to San Francisco).


Analysis of NCF and its situation, NCF Strategic Assessment, by K. Wright, as an MBA project at University of Ottawa, 1997