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Zimbra: Google Calendar

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Zimbra is NCF's webmail system.

Adding Calendars

The default Calendar in Zimbra is blank.

You might want to add Canadian Holidays, or even your Google Calendar.

Holiday Calendars

Adding Holidays is easy. In Zimbra, on the left hand side, if you scroll down past your Folders, Searches, and Tags, you'll find something called Zimlets.

Zimlets are little helpers that enhance your mail or calendar use.

Click on the 'Holiday Calendars' Zimlet to get a list of holiday calendars from various countries, including Canada, the US, UK, and others. Click on 'Subscribe' to add that calendar.

Google Calendars

To add a Google Calendar to Zimbra:

  1. Login to your Google Calendar account: http://calendar.google.com/
  2. Select the drop-down for the calendar you want to share, and click on 'Share this calendar'.
  3. Click on 'Calendar Details', at the top
  4. At the bottom, click on the Private Address ICAL link.
  5. Copy the provided link by right-clicking and selecting "Copy/Copy Link Location/Copy Link Target/etc." (varies per browser)
  6. Login to Zimbra.
  7. Click on 'Calendar'
  8. Click on the add calendar icon (top-left, looks like a calendar with a green + on it)
  9. Name the calendar (eg. "Google")
  10. Check the "Synchronize appointments from remote calendar" option
  11. Paste the google ical url in the now visible URL field
  12. Click OK!