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Modem Configuration

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Modems are available for sale to NCF members only. If you don't require configuration, modem sales can be handled over-the-counter in the office.

You have several choices:

Current modems sold by NCF

  • SmartRG SR506n Configuration - how to configure the current four Ethernet port plus "N" wireless modem NCF sold from August 2018 to present for DSL speeds up to 50Mbps.

Older modems previously sold by NCF

DSL Quick Configuration Info
(all ADSL modems and all VDSL modems)

DSL username: Your NCF account ID @ ncf.ca
(eg., NCF user aa999 would have DSL username aa999@ncf.ca)
DSL password:Starts with 'ncf' (not the same as your NCF Start Page login)

Unsupported Modems

Bell allows its DSL customers to either rent or buy their modems. Some of the modems become available as used modems. The modems will work well on the Bell lines used by NCF DSL members.

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