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Apple Mail

These instructions will lead you through setting up Apple Mail for POP/SSL.

How to Configure Apple Mail

To setup for IMAP instead, simply specify IMAP instead of POP, and use port 993 instead of 995, otherwise the settings are the same.

  • From the Mail menu, select Preferences (or type ⌘+, ). From that window's toolbar, click Accounts. then Account Information (I already have a mail account setup, named myxxx)
  • To set up a new mail account, use the settings shown in Screenshot 1 below, substituting your own accountID, password, email address and name.
  • Click the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) bar, and select Edit SMTP Server list
    • Click + to add server information
    • Use the settings below on the Screenshot 2
      • Use for the Server Name
      • Use 465 for the Server port
      • Select the User Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) checkbox
      • For authentication, use Password and fill in the User Name field with your accountID (e.g. ab123) and enter your password in the Password field.
  • Click OK to save your server settings.
  • Click on the Advanced tab, and select the checkbox for Use SSL and select Password authentication as shown on Screenshot 3 below.
  • Close the Accounts window and select Save settings.

A note for the security conscious/paranoid: You don't have to store your password in the settings. If you leave the password fields blank, Mail will prompt you to enter your password when it is needed

File:AppleMail 01.jpg

File:AppleMail 02.jpg

File:AppleMail 03.jpg

Special thanks to NCF member and supporter Dave Gladwin for submitting these instructions.