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SpeedTouch Configuration

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SpeedTouch 585v7 modem

This is the procedure NCF uses to configure Thomson/SpeedTouch 516 and 585 modems out of the box or after a factory reset. The process for older model SpeedTouch modems is similar. To learn more about configuring your particular modem, consult the manual for your modem.

Beginning a Configuration

Connect the modem to power and reset it to the original factory configuration by holding the reset button for 15 seconds..

After a factory reset,

  • ADSL VPI / VCI will be different from the required 0.35
  • Configuration server username is "Administrator"
  • Configuration server password is
  • Gateway and configuration server are
  • The firewall is disabled
  • The modem will connect to ADSL
  • The modem is not configured to authenticate for an NCF Internet connection

Configure as router

  1. Plug in (including power and ethernet) and then turn on modem
  2. Open a web browser and type http://dsldevice.lan or in to the address bar. Press Enter. (For details, see DSL modem web interface.)
  3. Click Speedtouch from the menu on the left
  4. Click Setup in the pick a task section at the bottom of the page. This will cause a popup to come up on your screen saying welcome to ... easy setup
  5. Click Next
  6. Select Router from the menu in the Service Selection window
  7. Click Next
  8. Use the drop down menu to select 0.35 in the VPI/VCI section of the Routed Internet Connections
  9. Confirm that PPPoE is selected
  10. Click Next
  11. In the Internet Account Settings window, enter the DSL username as issued by NCF (e.g. aa000@ncf.ca)
  12. Enter the DSL password twice. This password will start with the letters ncf and is not the regular NCF password for your account
  13. In the Access Controls window leave the username as Administrator and enter the DSL Password in the two password fields
  14. Click Next
  15. You will now see a Confirmation Page. Click Start
  16. You will now have to wait as the SpeedTouch configures itself. You will see a window asking you to do so.
  17. Re-enter the DSL modem username Administrator and the DSL password to confirm
  18. Click Finish
DSL Quick Configuration Info
VPI / VCI (ADSL) 0.35
Protocol PPPoE
DSL username (eg. aa999@ncf.ca)
DSL Password Starts with 'ncf' (not the same

as your NCF Start Page login)

Enable wireless functions (if supported)

  1. Open web browser and type http://dsldevice.lan in to the address bar. Press Enter.
  2. Enter the username Administrator and the DSL password
  3. Click on Home Network in the left column
  4. Click on Wlan: Speedtouch...
  5. Wireless Access Point menu will appear. At the top right, click Configure
  6. In the Configuration section, remove the checkmark beside Interface Enabled to disable wireless, or add the checkmark to enable it
  7. If enabled, NCF recommends WPA-PSK with version WPA2.
  8. Click Apply. Consult the modem manual for information about how to configure computers to communicate wirelessly to the modem.

The WPA-PSK wireless key code is printed on the label on the bottom of the modem (also on a sticker on the Set-up CD included with the modem).

NOTE: Since in the past the default Thompson wireless keys have been easy to hack it is recommended that you change the wireless key.

Enable the modem firewall

  1. Open web browser and type http://dsldevice.lan in to the address bar. Press Enter.
  2. Enter the username Administrator and the DSL password
  3. Click on Toolbox in the left column
  4. Click on Firewall
  5. Click on Configure in the top right
  6. Menu called security settings will appear. Click the button called Standard
  7. Click Apply. This will redisplay your settings so that you can confirm.

Set the time server to National Research Council (NRC)

  1. Click on Speedtouch on the left column
  2. Click on Configuration
  3. Click on Configure in the top right
  4. In the section called Time Configuration check the auto-configuration checkbox
  5. Change the time zone to -5 Eastern Time
  6. Check Summertime if it is currently Daylights Savings Time
  7. In the box called Time Server 1 enter time.nrc.ca
  8. Click Apply

Changing WiFi Password on SpeedTouch ST585

NCF recommends making wifi changes on your modem from a computer that is connected via an ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports behind the SpeedTouch.

1. Open web browser and type or http://dsldevice.lan in to the address bar. Press Enter.
2. Enter the username Administrator and the DSL password.
3. From the Home Page, select the link Wireless towards the bottom of the page.

SpeedTouch 585 Home

4. From the Wireless Access Point page, click on the Configure link at the top right corner.

SpeedTouch 585 Wireless Access Point

5. From the Security section of Wireless Access Point configuration page, make the following changes:
  • Set WPA-PSK Version to WPA2. This is the most secure setting for this modem may cause some older devices to no longer connect to your wifi network. If so, you can change it to WPA+WPA2
  • Enter your new password in the WPA-PSK Encryption Key field and click Apply

SpeedTouch 585 Recommended WiFi Security Settings

6. After this change is applied, you will have to enter the new password on your client devices (computers and mobile devices) to reconnect over wifi.

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