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The manual for your NCF-supplied DSL modem can be found on the set-up disk that came with your modem, or at the links below.

TP-Link Modems

8901G, four-port ethernet + wireless


8816, single ethernet port


Thomson Gateways

NCF sold Thomson modems prior to December 2011. Before 2010, Thomson Gateway (TG) DSL modems ('gateways') were called 'SpeedTouch' (ST).

TG585 DSL modem version 8, four-port ethernet + wireless

TG585v7 45 LR.jpg

TG585 DSL modem version 7, four-port ethernet + wireless

TG585v7 45 LR.jpg

sold from late 2009 until spring 2011

ST585 DSL modem version 6, four-port ethernet + wireless

ST585v6 45.jpg

ST516 modem version 6, single ethernet port

ST516v6 45.jpg