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Microsoft Outlook 2016

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Microsoft Outlook 2016

These instructions will lead you through setting up Microsoft Outlook 2016 for NCF Email.


  1. Open Outlook
  2. Select File → Add account
  3. Manually configure
  4. Next
  5. Internet E-mail
  6. Next
  7. Name (Your actual name)
  8. Email address (Your original NCF email address or your NCF email alias)
  9. Account type: Imap
  10. Incoming mail server: mail.ncf.ca
  11. Outgoing mail server: smtp.ncf.ca
  12. User name: (eg: ab123) (use your original email, not an alias)
  13. Password: (your NCF account password)
  14. Check "remember password".
  15. Check off SPA for incoming but not for outgoing
  16. Click on "more settings" button on the right
  17. Click on the "outgoing server" tab.
  18. Check "My outgoing server requires authentication".
  19. Click on LOG ON USING with email & password
  20. Go to the, "Advanced"
  21. For incoming server use: 993, SSL
  22. For outgoing Server use: 587, encryption None (With SSL the test message will timeout. Do not check off SPA here)
  23. Click on "OK"

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