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Dry copper

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Dry copper or dry copper loop or dry DSL all refer to DSL service on a line that does not also include telephone voice service. The term dry simply means that there is no telephone voice service on that line.

Here in the 21st century many people are using cell phones for communication and do not have home land-line telephones, but still want DSL service. This leads to a requirement for a phone line to just carry DSL service and not voice telephone.

This page will provide some additional information that the NCF DSL sign-up page does not explain. See that page for how to sign up for dry copper as a new service.

Cancelling Telephone Voice and Signing up for Dry Copper

Signing up for NCF via dry copper as a new service is easy. Changing over from having voice telephone to dry copper while retaining your existing NCF DSL service is a little bit more complex, but can still be done. It involves cancelling your telephone service (for instance with Bell) and then starting dry copper service. Note that we need five days notice to switch service, as Bell treats this as a new installation. This will result in an interruption of DSL, but with some planning this can be kept to a minimum.

Here are the steps:

  1. Cancel your telephone service with your telephone service provider and ensure that you get the service end date.
  2. Contact NCF with the voice service termination date. NCF will aim to start your dry copper service the same day.

Cancelling your phone service should not incur any costs unless you are breaking a contract. Changing over to dry copper involves two charges from Bell, who own the wires, which are charged to NCF and passed onto you. These are:

  • A one time Bell Canada set-up charge to start dry copper service of $19.95.
  • A monthly line charge from Bell Canada for your dry copper service that varies based on your location from $7.25 to $10.98.

Your actual NCF fee for DSL service does not change if you are on dry copper, but the Bell Canada fees are charged to NCF and will added to your NCF monthly bill, so you only pay one bill for your service.

See also

  • DSL changes - for information about changing your DSL service from normal to dry copper, or the reverse