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DSL moves

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This page deals with moving your existing NCF DSL from one location to another, such as you would do when moving homes but staying within the national capital region.

Moving (changing the location of) your DSL service

NCF's mission is to serve residents of the national capital region, which for simplicity, is defined as the 613 and 819 telephone area code regions. If you are moving your home location within the 613 and 819 area codes, NCF can help you make the move. If you are moving to outside NCF's region, unfortunately NCF cannot provide DSL there and you'll need to make arrangements for internet service with another provider at your new location.

The copper wires ('phone line') to your house are provided by Bell. The DSL service on those wires is provided by NCF. The telephone voice service, if present, on those wires is provided by Bell or some other telephone service provider.

Step one: Pick a date for your move

Bell requires at least five (5) business days advance notice, so pick your date at least that far in advance. Bell can make voice line changes on any day, but activates 'dry copper' orders only on weekdays. Note that for dry DSL activations (only), Bell requires that someone be home between 8am and 5pm (they will not be more specific than that time frame) to receive a technician. Should the Bell technician's visit be missed, NCF will need to request another activation date, delaying the DSL activation by at least a few business days.

Step two: Arrange the new phone line with Bell

Phone Bell (by dialling '311') and make arrangements for a new phone activation at your new location. Confirm with them the date the new phone line will be activated, we will need that information below.

If Bell supplies the voice service on your phone line, you will arrange its move when you speak with them about the phone line move. If voice service is provided by a non-Bell provider, you will need to contact that provider as well.

Step three: What we need to know about your move

The best way to provide this information to the NCF office is to use an Office Message. Go to the Office Message page, select 'DSL Move', and provide the information. You'll receive confirmation by email and Office Message. Otherwise, you can contact the NCF office by phone at 613-520-9001.

As listed on the Office Message page, we need the following information to make your move:

  • The full address including the postal code of your new location
  • Your new phone number (even if you are keeping the same number). Note that NCF serves only the 613 or 819 area code.
  • The name on the bill for the phone line (the name to which the line is registered) at the new location.
  • The date that Bell will be activating the phone line at the new location (see step two above)
  • The date DSL service should start at your new location (it must be same as or later than phone line activation date above)
  • The date you want DSL service to end at your current location (it must be same as or earlier than DSL start date above)

It is best and most common to have your DSL service start at your new location on the same day as the phone line is activated and to have your DSL service end at the old location also on that day. If you do not do that, Bell will sometimes require a five day interval between phone line activation and DSL start, so either do the DSL move on the same day as the phone line activation, or more than five days after the phone line activation.

What can go wrong with moves

Generally moves go as expected, but sometimes there are surprises, including:

  • If there is an attempt to start DSL but the phone line is not yet active, the DSL activation order will fail and it will take at least five days to try again. This problem is reduced by planning ahead.
  • Sometimes during the process of starting DSL on the new line, Bell discovers that service cannot be supplied to the new location due to their own network limitations. They don't tell us until the day of the attempted activation. We don't know anything that can be done to eliminate this problem.
  • Mistakes in the new address and new phone number can delay establishing service.


Moving an account uses staff effort and there are Bell charges which NCF needs to pass on to you within our non-profit, cost-recovery approach.

If you are moving into a regular DSL (DSL with existing wired phone service) there is a $7.50 charge for moving. If you are moving into a Dry DSL (no wired-analog-phone in your home) the fee is $25 for moving.

The charge will appear on your next monthly DSL bill.

NCF also doesn't charge partial months of service. Thus if you move during your service month, the new service begins independent of your current month. This means you may have paid for a portion of the month on your old service that you will not use. It's good to think about that when scheduling your DSL service move, as you may wish to suspend your service earlier to avoid paying a bill a few days before a move when you won't be using most of the month.