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DSL changes

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This page explains what is involved in changing your DSL service from normal DSL to dry copper (also called dry DSL), or the reverse. Such a change can also be combined with a change of location.

Step one: Cancel the existing phone service

Confirm a cancellation date with your existing phone service provider respecting the minimum 5 business day lead time that NCF requires. Once you have a date, contact the NCF office and we will schedule the dry line install to match that cancellation date. The new order may be blocked by the existing service so expect the possibility of some time without DSL.

To alleviate this possibility, ask for a confirmation number for the request and provide it to the NCF office. NCF will include this with the new order.

Step two: Sign-up for the new DSL service

To arrange for the new DSL service, call or email the NCF office.

You will be billed a one-time Bell dry DSL activation charge as part of the process. The current fee is $19.95 + tax.

Converting to 'normal' DSL service

Phones and other devices connected to the phone line will need a line filter, as described in the DSL sign-up web form. You can order these from NCF on the DSL sign-up form.

You will be charged the service move charge as part of the change. Currently this is $25.00 + tax, but confirm this with NCF staff.

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