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This page explains what's involved in changing your DSL service from 'normal' to 'dry copper' ('dry'), or the reverse. Such a change can also be combined with a change of location.

Bell policy

Bell provides the line (copper wires) that go to your location, and they require that a change of DSL type be done by cancelling your current service and ordering a new service (which can be at a new location). Furthermore, Bell requires that the new order not be placed until the current DSL service is cancelled, and requires five business days lead time, which means there will likely be five business days without DSL service.

Step one: Cancel existing DSL service of the current type

Your current DSL service is paid up until the date indicated on the NCF DSL home page. Your existing DSL service can be cancelled on that day or any day prior to that (please note, NCF is unable to refund or credit for partial months, so from that viewpoint, it is optimal to pick the cancellation date to be the day your paid-up month ends). Service of the new type can be started on any date more than five business days after cancellation.

Step two: Sign-up for DSL service of the new type

To arrange for DSL service of the new type, please use the DSL signup form:

During the sign-up process, you'll be asked to pay for your first month of service of the new type.

Converting to 'dry' DSL service

The DSL sign-up form will ask for the phone number of the service. If you are changing service types at your current location, just enter your current phone number. If you are moving to a new location and don't know the number at the new location, you can enter the number of a neighbour or nearby business at that location (if you get a message saying 'this is a business number', simply switch the last 4 digits of the phone number to any random digits -- only the first 6 digits are important in this case).

You'll see a one-time Bell dry DSL activation charge as part of the sign-up process.

Converting to 'normal' DSL service

Phones and other devices connected to the phone line will need a line filter, as described in the DSL sign-up web form. You can order those on the DSL sign-up form.