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DSL cancellation

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To cancel (discontinue) DSL service, please use the NCF Office Message system and select 'DSL Cancellation'. Alternatively, contact the NCF office by phone.

We need five business days advance notice to meet the deadline for closing a DSL account, so do contact the office at least a week before your "monthly anniversary" date to avoid being billed by our billing system for another month's service. You will continue to have service until your current paid-for month ends. Note that to keep things simple, we don't refund for partial months and we cannot cancel during your first month of service (since we start setting it up when you sign up).

To find out what day your DSL service ends, look at 'monthly extension date' on the DSL home page.

When we receive your cancellation, we'll send a confirmation email for your records -- if you don't receive a confirmation email, assume that we did not receive your request to cancel and we will continue to bill the monthly fee.

If you know you'll be resuming service at a later date, be sure to mention that when talking with the NCF office.

There is no long-term contract, no penalty fees, no hassles returning a modem (it's yours, you own it), and no high-pressure sales pitch.

(Regarding your modem, if you'd like to donate it or sell it second-hand, NCF has a DSL Equipment Buy/Sell discussion group that might interest you.)