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Referral Rewards Program

As you know, National Capital FreeNet is a local, not-for-profit alternative to commercial internet service providers. Since 1992 we have served more than 100,000 members. (Including you!)

We believe that everyone in Canada's National Capital Region should have access to the internet, meaning they can afford a high-quality connection, understand how to use it, and feel safe online.

We offer high-speed DSL internet and dial-up connections, free local email, basic web hosting, a volunteer Help Desk so our members can ask questions about a range of internet and computer-related issues, and connect our members so they can help each other.

Like everywhere else, our costs are rising. But the more members we have, the more we can share and grow these benefits, pooling costs and offering more value for less money. We'd like your help to make that happen!

At the same time, the survey data we collect shows that many of our new DSL members already come as referrals from existing members. We appreciate that and want to recognize that support - so we are launching a Member-get-a-member rewards program for referrals that result in new DSL members.

Every referral will count towards the level of recognition (see below). Every referral will also enter the referrer and the referred member into a regular draw for prizes. The first draw is September 29, 2015 (not so coincidentally NCF's 23rd birthday) and the prize is for one year free DSL service!

If you have referred members in the past who are still current DSL members, we want to acknowledge your contribution as well, just have the person you referred send us an email to saying that they joined because of you and we'll enter you both in the program !

BRONZE LEVEL (for referring 1-5 current DSL members):

  • Thanks on the website
  • NCF mousepad

SILVER LEVEL (for referring 6-10 current members):

Everything above plus:

  • Double your Zimbra mail quota for each month you maintain your silver reward level
  • OR
  • Extra 25 GB of use per month for each month you maintain your silver reward level, up to one year
  • OR
  • NCF mug

GOLD LEVEL (for referring 11-15 current members):

Everything above plus:

  • NCF stainless steel water bottle or t-shirt

PLATINUM LEVEL (for referring 15+ members):

Everything above plus:

  • Thank you plaque and named on a plaque in the NCF main office