High-Speed DSL Internet Access from NCF

Do you want to add DSL service to an existing phone service
(regular DSL), or have just DSL on your line ('dry DSL')?

Pick this if you are already paying a telephone service provider (eg., Bell Canada) for traditional land-line telephone service, and want to add high speed internet.

Your current payments for traditional telephone service include payment for the line ('telephone wires') going to your residence, plus the telephone service. So all you need now is to add high speed DSL internet service.

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Pick this if you are not already paying for a line ('telephone wires') to your residence, eg., if you are not already paying for, and do not want, traditional land-line telephone service on this line.

This option does not provide telephone service, although because it provides internet access it can support 'Voice over IP' (VoIP).

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Special note if you currently have 'Rogers Home Phone': The telephone service provided by Rogers could be either digital (VoIP) or analog (traditional), at Rogers' discretion. If it is digital, it comes over cable; pick the right-most button above. If it is analog, it comes over a land-line; press the left-most button above. Rogers can tell you if you have digital or analog phone service (if you have digital service, probably a technician once visited to install a box to start the service).