National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Status of NCF's Modem Sharing System

Wednesday, June 20, at 16:55

Modem Pool Status

Status Pool name Pool size Location Phone number Activity
Not busy Carleton-Main 138 Carleton 520-1135 norm:42avail:96

The Mitel pool size is normally 48 lines (16 lines from 6am-6pm, Mon-Fri).
The Overflow pool size is normally 92 lines (no lines from 6am-6pm, Mon-Fri).
'Activity' shows normal sessions, extended sessions, available modems.

Usage chart

Usage chart

Usage chart

ModemServer Start Times

Location Start time
Carleton Tue Mar 27 at 19:51
NCF's Modem Sharing system helps make modems more accessible during busy times. NCF modems are supported by donations from members.